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Is there a way to run a batch of savedqueries using splunk rather than python or REST?


| savedquery Q1 -> this runs okay

| savedquery Q1 | savedquery Q2 -> not okay. splunk error.

| savedquery Q1, Q2 -> not okay, splunk error.

| savedsearch Q1 | append [savedsearch Q2 ] | append [savedsearch Q3 ] | append [savedsearch Q4] --> okay and runs, but once the first one runs, not the rest.

Is it possible run a batch of saved queries in splunk?
Is automation using python, rest the only choice?

I am trying to keep it simple if possible. Anything I can try?

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First the 2 queries need to be run one after the other since the first creates a csv files which second query reads. There needs to be serial than parallel execution.

Is there a serial search version of multisearch which runs queries at the same time?

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What are you actually trying to achieve by doing this ? Have the output of all the savedsearches on the dashboard ?

If so - try this

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Its good if I can run the rest command from splunk itself, 2 queries one after the other, preferable checking the status for successful completion.

| rest /servicesNS/admin/search/saved/searches | search title="*threshold"

Then you can add

| map maxsearches=20 search="| savedsearch \"$title$\" | eval savedsearch=\"$title$\" "

The 2 queries have different earliest and latest values and cant be run with the same time values. It looks like that is still a constraint and the above wont work.

Any other suggestions?

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Revered Legend

In case multisearch doesn't work, you can have all your saved searches running in dashboard panels and can schedule dashboard to run at a schedule.

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You could try the multisearch command

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