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Is it possible to add another secondary search option to the Event Details menu currently containing "Add to search", "Exclude from search", "New search"?

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I would like to add an item to the results screen context menu to run a macro with the highlighted data as a parameter when (the menu that currently contains menu items "Add to search", "Exclude from search", "New search").

I would like to add an item to the menu options covered on this page of documentation:

Is this possible?

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3 1/2 years later, there is not a supported solution to this problem?

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Not in a good way.

The mouseclick events are in $SPLUNK_HOME/share/splunk/search_mrsparkle/exposed/js/views/shared/eventsviewerdrilldown/SegmentationDrilldown.js

Your modifications to this would be overwritten by splunk upgrades.

Alternatively, you might (with a little jquery DOM magic) locate the

    that contains an
and insert your own
  • into it at page-render (actually at item-click) time.
  • Something along the lines of:
    $("a.curr_inc_val").parent().parent().append('<li>Your Item here</li>')
    which you can test with a reasonable Javascript console like Firebug.


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