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Is it possible for an external lookup to match on either of two fields rather than both?


I'm trying to create a dashboard that will add vulnerability data from OSVDB to the results of a Nessus scan. I've created a lookup table from the content of the Nessus plugins that is like the following:

Nessus_ID,nessus_plugin_name,cve_id,osvdb_id 1,Buffer Exploit,2009-0142,, 2,Memory Overflow,,56314 3,Remote Exploit,2008-3456,34578

Some Nessus plugins only have a CVE reference. Others only have OSVDB. Some have both. Is it possible to do a lookup that will match on either cve_id, osvdb_id or both (if both are present)?



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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You can't do this easily with a single lookup, but you can just run both lookups, one based on CVE and one based on OSVDB and the first to match will win.

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