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Incomplete data returned after subsearch or join



I found that when I use subsearch or join command to join data,

I can't make splunk to return the complete result (comparing to the join result by ourselves)

Can anyone help me about this? Thanks!

Here is my test data:


ab_data(1000 rows, fields: fa, fb, timestamp): http://paste.plurk.com/show/272467/

ac_data(1000 rows, fields: fa, fc, timestamp): http://paste.plurk.com/show/272469/

reference join result (226 rows, join by field fa): http://paste.plurk.com/show/272470/

My search command used:

Subsearch (only 23 rows returned): index="test_join_ac" [ search index="test_join_ab" | fields fa ]

Join (no matching result returned): index="test_join_ac" | join type=inner max=0 fa [ search index="test_join_ab" ]

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee


index=test_join_ac OR index=test_join_ab | stats first(fb) as fb first(fc) as fc min(_time) as _time by fa

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

If you wanna combine ab_data and ac_data into one. You should use transaction command indeed.

index="test_join_ab" | transaction fields=fa

Or you can refer to this site for more information about using SQL-like command in Splunk http://www.innovato.com/splunk/SQLSplunk.html

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It doesn't work. After referring the manual about transaction command I can't see it can be used to correlate 2 different sets of data. Could you please give any more hints?

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