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If anyone of you or your teams have implemented Splunk in production, kindly share the following details ?

  1. Time taken by splunk to process 200 GB/day (in Hours)? & what is the current volume (log Size) which has been processed by Splunk per day (In Hours)?
  2. Hardware/software details of server in which “splunk server” is running.
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The speed of processing depends on how many cores you have on the indexer along with how many indexers you have indexing the data. It also depends on if you were consuming that data within a 1 hour time frame or if it was distributed over 24 hours. If the latter case then it works very fast.

We currently have 2 clustered indexers with 16 cores each which index around 100-120 GB/day. We have 1 application which has around 5 billion events per month and takes 8 days to process the report on an accelerated data model, so we had to do a workaround and set up a summery index. So my advise is to not to buy tons of hardware for 1-2 applications, there's always a workaround to boost the performance. You also have cloud infrastructure you could leverage if you needed to

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