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I need some help updating the mmdb file for the iplocation command. Ive read the other forum questions regarding this, as well as the docs, and i am a bit confused. 


I initially uploaded the new mmdb file from MaxMind, the GeoLite2-City.mmdb. I uploaded it through the GeoIP panel through the lookups tab. 



It uploads, but i cant seem to find the file afterwards. I am looking on the specific server that I uploaded the file to, we have a clustered environment, but that one specific server I uploaded it to should have it. I ran locate and find commands, but could not locate it. We still have the original under $SPLUNK_HOME$/share/dbip-city-lite.mmdb


Even though the dropbox for the mmdb file showed a successful upload, I can not find it anywhere. 

I dont see any trace of the upload through splunkd, or through /export/opt/splunk/var/run/splunk/upload/ , or through any find or locate command. 

I wanted to update the file path to include both databases, and i know i needed to change the limits.conf file, and update it to include both paths. But the question is, How do i change the limits.conf so that it replicates. We dont have any app named TA-geoisp or anything similar, and thats what these forums and docs reference.


Somewhere I saw that I could update the search app's limits.conf and just push that from the shcluster directory, as that will push a bundle change that will push out to all Search heads in the cluster. Since the search app is the default app, we could just use that app to point to the mmdb files. But we don't have the search app located under our /$SPLUNK_HOME$/etc/shcluster/apps/


We dont seem to have the search app under our Clustermaster/Deployer shcluster directory. I think i might be missing something. I would basically just like to update the limits.conf to point to the new dir path of both of the mmdb files. Id like to just edit the limits.conf to look like:



MMDBPaths = /path/to/your/GeoIP2-City.mmdb,/path/to/your/dbip-city-lite.mmdb




The question im trying to ask here, is when i upload the file through the gui, where does the file end up. And if i wanted to push these changes manually,  if i wanted to push to all SH and indexers from the deployer and deployment server, how do i go about replicating the folder that holds the mmdb as well as the limits.conf that hold the paths to the files. 


Thank you for any assistance. 


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