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I'm trying to move fields from multi value fields using mvindex. Currently under "time" field I have only 3 values so i am easily moving them as new field. Is there anyway to automate this process without hard coding it?


time = 9:30
Currently I am doing this
| eval first.time=mvindex(time, 1), second.time=mvindex(time, 2), third.time=mvindex(time, 3)

This will give me first.time = 9:30, second.time= 10:30, third.time=11:30 fields moved from time field where it is a multivalued field. If i have undefined number of fields under this what should I do to automate it? instead of hardcoding it like | eval first.time=mvindex(time, 1), second.time=mvindex(time, 2), third.time=mvindex(time, 3) fourth.time=mvindex(time,4)............hundred.time=mvindex(time,100)

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| makeresults count=100
| streamstats current=f count
| eval time = (random() % 23).":30"
| stats list(time) as time
`comment("this is sample data, please check this")`
| eval counter=mvrange(0,mvcount(time))
| stats list(time) as time by counter
| eval time=mvindex(time,counter)
| sort 0 counter
| transpose 0 header_field=counter column_name=_col
| foreach *
    [rename <<FIELD>> as time_<<MATCHSTR>>]

Hi, @praneeth2050
It's a boring name, but it works.

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What is the problem are you trying to solve? Creating many fields like this is rarely a good idea.

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@niketnilay is it possible to help me out here?

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So, I am trying to create a Splunk report with the changes in time and changes in other fields. The data I receive will have multiple time fields. For now i have only 3 time fields. In the future, I may even have 10 or 20-time fields... In the case of hardcoding using mvindex is there any alternative?

PS: I have extracted this multivalued field using REGEX

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