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How too Add exception in "case"?



I have several model id: 12310, 12320, 12330. If the suffixes = "10", "20", "30", I define the typemachine accordingly.

type typemachine
10 car
20 moto
30 bicycle


| eval typemachine=case(type="10", "car", type="20", "moto ", type="30", "bicycle", 1=1, "autre")

However I want to add the exception, if id=56410 or 65210, it must be the "moto".

Can I do it, please? 


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Hi @Julia1231,

the easiest approach is adding the additional conditions to your case, something like this:

| eval typemachine=case(type="10", "car", type="20", "moto", type="30", "bicycle", id=56410 OR id=65210, "moto", 1=1, "autre")



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I believe you want to override suffix based match, so I would put 'id' filter first so that they are checked first. Like this:

| eval typemachine=case(id="56410" OR id="65210", "moto", type="10", "car", type="20", "moto", type="30", "bicycle", true(), "autre")
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