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How to view multiple lookups


Hi Team,

I am trying to take the backup of lookups using search head console and for the same I have tried two ways.

a) Using below Rest Command

| rest /servicesNS/-/-/properties/lookups

Issue :- Since we have only limited permissions, hence the links of lookups are not working.


b) | inputlookup abcd.csv
| append
[inputlookup wxyz.csv]

Issue:- I could see the output of both the .csv files but unable to identify the content from where abcd.csv or  wxyz.csv is starting.

Can anyone please suggest the best possible way to do it from splunk gui since we have only power user access.

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Hi @spl10,

the easiest way to have a copy of lookups having low grants, it's scheduling an alert for each lookup attaching the result to the email.

In this way you have all the csv files on your email and you haven't problems to search csv files that, only for your information, are in $SPLUNK_HOME/var/run/splunk/csv.

If you don't want many emails, you could use the search from @ITWhisperer to aggregate all lookups in one csv file and send it by alert to your email.

One additional information: when you make backup of your apps, you also make the backup of your lookups.



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| inputlookup abcd.csv
| eval file="abcd.csv"
| append
[| inputlookup wxyz.csv
| eval file="wxyz.csv"]
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