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How to use value of one search and get more details about the value from another search

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Fetch VPN user details from one search and use the username to get details like email addresses from another search.

index=## host= ## sourcetype="##" source="#.log" eventtype=# parent session started
|  table user host src_ip group

This lists details like:

user host src_ip group
bxxxx.gwwww x.x.x.x x.x.x.x Finance

I would like to add more details to the table like email address of the person and location which i can get from
index=@@ sourcetype=@@

   Company: xyz 
   Employee_ID: aaa
   Full_Legal_Name: Mr.ttt ccc 
   Future_Termination_TF: 0 
   Location: ddd
   Primary_Work_Email:  bxxxx.gwwww@xyz.com

How do I take the user details from the first search like ( bxxxx.gwwww) and match it to the second search to get the email address and other info?

The only partially matching value between 2 searches is the users name , there are no field matches between both searches.

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I will present a total of two methods.

First, the values ​​from the first search are made into lookup files. After that, through lookup command, it connects to the second search and composes it into a table.

The second append or join command creates a matching part of different searches and organizes them into a table.

For more information on the search, please see the search reference manual or ask a question again.

Thank you.

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