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How to use fit command together with foreach?


I would like to fit an ARIMA model to my data with a search something like this:

<base search>
| timechart span=5m avg(value) as value by some_field

The problem here is that, the number of field that returns by this search is dynamic, so it can return 5 fields one day but it could also return 3 or 7 the other day for instance.

I would like to fit an ARIMA model to all the fields that is returned by that search. What I found was the foreach command where you iterate over fields :

| foreach * [eval '<<FIELD>>' = ... ]


However, when I try to use the fit command instead of eval, I get an error message saying: 

Error in 'foreach' command: Search pipeline may not contain non-streaming commands

Since foreach cannot contain non-streaming commands.


Is there a way to come around this issue?

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