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How to use a lookup file as a whitelist?

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I'm having problems to use a lookup file as a whitelist. Basically, I have a simple ip address list with CIDR mask appended like:


So I uploaded it as PANDOSexceptions.csv, then i defined a stanza in transforms.conf as:

 min_matches = 1
 default_match = NONE
 match_type = CIDR(ip_address) 

Then I used https://my-splunk-server:8000/en-US/debug/refresh to reload the transforms.conf so when I execute the following search:

index="pan_logs" sourcetype=pan_threat log_subtype=flood | NOT [lookup PAN_DOS_exception ip_address AS src_ip]

It returns every entry without filtering the lookup table. The idea is to exclude from the result those ip addresses that are in the lookup table.


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Try something like this.

index="pan_logs" sourcetype=pan_threat log_subtype=flood  NOT [ | inputlookup PAN_DOS_exception.csv | rename ip_address AS src_ip | table src_ip | format]

Hope it helps.

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Try this

index="pan_logs" sourcetype=pan_threat log_subtype=flood | lookup PAN_DOS_exception ip_address AS src_ip OUTPUT ip_address | where isnull(ip_address)

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Didn't work...it still does not filter anything. It seems like it just ignores the lookup and bring out every event.

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