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How to use a Boolean string from lookup table in search

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I have Boolean string with multiple ORs- code!=x OR code!=y OR etc. When I look it up and use in search it evaluates to string and not Boolean in the eval function. I get error message that a Boolean was expected. Is there a way to force a string to evaluate to Boolean? The string works fine when defined as macro, but I need it in the lookup. Thanks

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It would be easier if you give a search as example.

You might be able to get what you need by using the "return" function.

In this example, result will be "ok", because the string "foo=\"something\" OR foo=\"whatever\"" will be turned into a boolean expression by return:

| makeresults | eval foo="something" | eval result=if([|makeresults | eval string="foo=\"something\" OR foo=\"whatever\""|return $string],"ok","nok")

So your lookup would go into the if clause, finished by a return.


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Thanks Kai. What is makeresult? The string with boolean ORs comes from lookup acvsfile errortype OUTPUT errorsToExclude. How can i pass errorsToExclude into eval(errorsToExclude OR TIME>1000))?

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Can you give sample data?

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Splunk Error='Typechecking failed. 'OR' only takes boolean arguments.'

for count(eval(errorsToExclude OR TIME>1000))

In the lookup
errorsToExclude=code!=1 OR code!=2 ...

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