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How to use IN function with KV tuple lists as a search...

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This question: How to use IN function with VALUE-LIST as a search or lookup  discusses using IN for a single key and list of values.

Can that approach be generalized for lists of  KV lists?  Want to abstract what could be done in a verbose way with  AND and OR's :

(keyA=value1 AND keyB=value2) OR (keyA=value3 AND keyB=value4) OR (keyA=value5 AND keyB=value6)...






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| makeresults count=10
| streamstats count
| eval key="value".count
| streamstats list(key) as keys window=2
| where count % 2 = 0
| eval keyA=mvindex(keys,0), keyB=mvindex(keys,1)
| table keyA keyB
| format


How about subsearch with format?

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That's clever - your method takes lists and generates the expanded AND/OR expression. - However, I was hoping to avoid that since it seems slow for long lists.

Wouldn't search be significantly faster to convert to a form that uses IN operator?


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