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How to set search sorting supersedes the table sorting?


Let's say I've already specified my filters and submitted my search with "sort" command in it.

My search sorts the results according to date but then I decided to sort the table by amount field by clicking the header. Then I changed my search's date filter to another date and clicked submit.

Please take note that my search has "sort" command in it, why does my table still sort according to amount?

Do I need a JS to handle this? I wish the result would sort according to date but it seems the previous sort(amount) supersedes the sorting of my search.

Please enlighten me on this one. Thank you.


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I think this is something related to Splunk version Or the browser you are using if you can try using a different browser. You can also try running your search in developer mode.

Hope this helps, Thanks!

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That seems a little buggy I think. What version of Splunk? Have you tried multiple browsers?

I have 7.1 installed on my laptop and couldn't reproduce in chrome with a simple search of _internal.

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