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How to set default Time range always when the View loads

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I want to set default time range to Last 7 days from All Time when View loads every time. I have put the times.conf from /system/default to app/default directory. Then added last_7_days this parameter to TimeRangePicker module. but still it doesnt work? What should I do?

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I would recommend setting this via a local/viewstates.conf in your app. For instance:

## viewstates.conf
TimeRangePicker_0_1_0.default = Last 7 days

There are 2 variables here that will need modification.

  1. mydashboard should reflect the name of your view
  2. _0_1_0 should reflect the module ID of TimeRangePicker in your view. This can be found in a couple of different ways. The easiest of which is probably by looking at the viewstates.conf from your users directory. $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/users/<your_user>/<your_app>/local/viewstates.conf. You could also specify "?showsource=1" in the browser URL just after the view name. This will give you a breakdown of modules and their respective IDs.
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