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How to search the average of one field by values of another field, then chart them side by side?


I am very new to Splunk and trying to learn manipulation like I would in Excel. My current task is to get an average of a result, and then display it by a device type. Let's assume the CSV looks like this:

iphone, 20
iphone, 10
iphone, 15
samsung, 30
samsung, 12
samsung, 83

I want to get the average of the Ratios, by Device Type. And then Chart them side by side.

iphone 15
samsung 42

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Try this

your search |stats avg(RATIO) by DEVICE


    your search |eventstats avg(RATIO) by DEVICE

If you want to repeat the values in each row

Happy Splunking!


@jasoholt, please accept as 'answer' if it resolves your issue so that the thread will be closed

Happy Splunking!
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