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How to search for the last 5 events of type X that happened prior to an event of type Y?


I am trying to find the last 5 events of a type x that happened before an event of type y. An example would be:

Event x : User login
Event y : Product added to cart


Apr 25 15:10:30 |DEBUG| [TestCaseImpl:50] User login: User1
Apr 25 15:12:51 |DEBUG| [TestCaseImpl:50] User login: User2
Apr 25 15:13:11 |DEBUG| [TestCaseImpl:50] User login: User3
Apr 25 15:14:00 |DEBUG| [TestCaseImpl:50] User login: User4
Apr 25 15:17:23 |DEBUG| [TestCaseImpl:50] User login: User5
Apr 25 15:17:23 |DEBUG| [TestCaseImpl:332] Product added to cart: ProductXYZ

I would want the result to return the events for [User1,User2,User3,User4,User5].

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Another option is streamstats. If those are in order, then you could do something like the following.

First, filter your search to just those lines up front. Then streamstats with a window of 6 and set a flag on the lines you want to keep. Lastly we create a transaction to group them together. In the middle I'm going a rex to pull out the product so that I can use it later.

sourcetype=MySourceType "User login" OR "Product added to cart"
| rex "Product added to cart:\s+(?<ProductAdded>.*)$"
| streamstats window=6 first(ProductAdded) as TriggerGroup
| transaction maxevents=6 endswith="Product added to cart" TriggerGroup

This will take some tweaking, I am sure, and I only guessed at the rex (and probably have a typo in it anyway).

For more information and another example, see this Answers post on including 100 previous lines before an event in an alert.

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Wild guess

index=foo sourcetype=bar "User login" OR "Product added to cart" | transaction startswith="User login" endswith="Product added to cart" maxevents=6 
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