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How to search for errors that contain asterisks (*)?

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I have what I hope is a simple question. We have response logs from different payers. If they are having system issues, they will respond with a “AAA” code. In this case AAA*Y**42*. How can I filter for these? When I search for AAA*Y**42* I get responses with AAA or Y or 42.

Sorry for the newbie question

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Try this:

index=YourIndexHere sourcetype=YourSourceTypeHere (AAA OR Y OR 42)
| regex "AAA\*Y\*\*42\*"
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Hi cj039165, the regex command could be useful here, i.e.

sourcetype=your_system_issues_sourcetype | regex "AAA\*Y\*\*42\*"

This will filter all events that match that pattern.

Please let me know if this answers your question!

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Try term(AAA*y**42*)

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