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How to seach using a concatenated string



I have a lot of sources like this:


and I want to make a search with a substring with part of the file name because the path and the host could change:


But the search is:

sourcetype="mysourcetype" | eval namefile="*-2011-Dec-12.csv" | where source=namefile

doesn't word due to the wildchar (*) because the search:

sourcetype="mysourcetype" | eval namefile="/u01/app/oracle/admin/AUD/audit/report/host-audit-report-2011-Dec-12.csv" | where source=namefile

works perfectly.
Obviously I semplified the subsearch. In the eval function I will use the strftime function to extract year, month and day of today or yesterday and so on.
Any suggestions to use wildchar?

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Another option would be to just define a sourcetype for each source to keep things simpler. In your eval you have an issue with the wildcard as you have it surrounded with " "'s which turn it into a string literal, removing these will not make any difference as you can't store a wildcard in a variable defined by eval like that (that I am aware of)

Otherwise MHibbins suggestion to just search for source=*-2011-Dec-12.csv would work much better.


Not sure if you have already tried this, but a simpler solution should be to search...


or if the date changes...


Hope this answers your question.

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