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How to run a dashboard search in verbose mode through Simple XML?


I am trying to run a dashboard search in verbose mode. I am using workflow actions from within the events, but the required fields for the workflow action are not populating. I need this to be done in simple XML (through simple XML).

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Ran into the same basic problem, and still can't find any explicit support for "Verbose" mode in Simple XML as of Splunk 6.5. However, that being said, a very simple but effective work around is to simply add a | fields * to your search.

<base search> | fields * | ...

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Splunk Employee

Hi @rdownie,
You could try adjusting the settings for the saved search that drives this visualization. In savedsearches.conf, there is a display.page.search.mode setting that allows you to set the mode.



See also this previous Answers discussion for more info and possible limitations on the setting:


Hope this helps!

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I figured a workaround, by adding fieldname=* fieldname2=* to the search, it added them to the output in fast mode. I would like to still find a way to force it to verbose mode in a dashboard if that is possible.


I don't think so there is an option in Simple xml to change search mode (in advanced xml, yes). Your solution is more of best practice than workaround.

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