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How to run a Python script after search returns a value?


I am trying to get a Python script to run after a search returns a username.

The search returns one username after doing a few checks (works great).

The script will add a user to an AD group (works great).

My issue is now that run a script function is deprecated, and I can't find proper documentation about passing the event field into a Python argument to run.

My Python script is saved in $SPLUNK_HOME$/bin/scripts.

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Splunk deprecated running scripts with alert actions. You can check that

How about creating your own custom command.
The command can use the output of the search and pass it to the script.
You might need to change your script a bit to take in the input.

Below link can be helpful in creating a custom command

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still not finding what I'm looking for in the custom search command, is what I'm asking usual for splunk to be able to do this?

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@splunk_user4  It is possible but very difficult by design of splunk.  When I worked for Northrup Grumman, I wrote a dashboard exactly like this that would display results about users and allow the "SOC" administrator to Enable, disable, or delete a user account on the fly.  

I do not recall the specifics of it now, but I will dig and try to find this data because it was certainly a labor of love at the time.   There was one specific scripting part where I had to dump the script output to "null" otherwise the script would hang.  Once I did that, we were able to execute python scripts using winRM to perform account actions.

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