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How to return values from lookup which are not matching the search?


I currently have a search which returns a list of users with employee id from a user lookup

eg: user lookup has the following information

My initial search returns syyyyy, sxxxxx but I want the search to return szzzzzz. But my below search is not returning any results

*index=idxxxxxx sourcetype="cisco:xxx" svc | rename user as identity
| lookup local=true wfh
namesdef identity OUTPUT identity, name
| search identity NOT
[| lookup local=true wfh
names_def identity OUTPUT identity, name] *

Could anyone please help

Thanks & Regards
Kavya Dekkata

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Do the lookup first, then use join to combine your search results with the base lookup values.

For example,

| inputlookup host.csv | join type=left host [metadata type=hosts]

Doing an individual "| metadata type=hosts" search would give me host "A" and "B". In my csv file, I have "A", "B", "C", "D". Doing the above query would give me everything in my lookup file.

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