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How to rename timechart legend static names with variable names


I have a timechart search (search code snippet below), everything works great.
The chart shows up and the legend shows "sample1", "sample2" .

What I would like to do is, Instead these of the static names I would like to put in a variable name, for example, $location$, but when I put $location$ in replacing sample2 I get the literal text "$location$" in my legend, sorry for such a newbie question but we are muddling our way through.

 | search siteid=$siteid$ location=$location$ 
| timechart avg("powerdata{}.sample1{}.current") assample1, avg("powerdata{}.sample2{}.current") as sample2 
| eval sample1=round(sample1,2) 
| eval sample2=round(sample2,2) 
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Check this

    <set token="legend1">sample1_legend</set>
    <set token="legend2">sample2_legend</set>
| timechart eval(round(avg(date_second),2)) as $legend1$, eval(round(avg(date_hour),2)) as $legend2$</query>
        <option name="charting.chart">line</option>
        <option name="charting.drilldown">none</option>
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