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How to plot P95,P99,P75, mean and median response times values using tstat?


Hello All,

I need help trying to generate the P95,P99,P75, mean and median response times for the below data using tstats command. Need help with the splunk query. I am dealing with a large data and also building a visual dashboard to my management. So trying to use tstats as searches are faster. Stuck with unable to find these calculations with value of Total_TT in my tstat command. Can someone help me with the query.


Sample Data:

2022-09-11 22:00:59,998 INFO -(Success:true)-(Validation:true)-(GUID:68D74EBE-CE3B-7508-6028-CBE1DFA90F8A)-(REQ_RCVD:2022-09-11T22:00:59.051)-(RES_SENT:2022-09-11T22:00:59.989)-(SIZE:2 KB)-(RespSent_TT:0ms)-(Actual_TT:938ms)-(DB_TT:9ms)-(Total_TT:947ms)-(AppServer_TT:937ms)

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The data as you have provided it will unfortunately not play well with PREFIX because after the numbers, there is "ms" which converts the value to a string, so we cannot do "p99"/avg, etc using PREFIX.


What you would have to do is pull out the Total_TT values as strings, using PREFIX, and then use rtrim() to remove the "ms" at the end, and then multiply the uique values of tota_tt by the number of times they come up, before doing the average/p99, etc. Something like the following should work:

| tstats count where index=YOURINDEX sourcetype=YOURSOURCETYPE by PREFIX(total_tt:) 
| rename "total_tt:" as total_tt 
| eval total_tt=rtrim(total_tt,"ms") 
| eval total_tt_by_count=total_tt*count 
| stats avg(total_tt_by_count) as avg_total_tt p99(total_tt_by_count) as p99_total_tt median(total_tt_by_count) as median_total_tt


Let me know if that helps!

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