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How to pass the search results to an email body by using sendresults

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I am using "sendresults" command and pass the search results to an email body template; however, the search results didn't show up from the body.  Unfortunately, the Splunk sendresults page doesn't have an example for passing the result to the email body.  I wonder if it is possible to pass search results to the email body.  Does anyone know?  

This is the sample code I used.



| makeresults
| eval score=90, email_to="john.doe@xyz.com", name="john"
| append [|makeresults | eval score=76, email_to="jane.doe@abc.com",name="jane"]
| fields - _time
| sendresults showresults=f subject="Your Score" body="Hi $result.name$", your score is $result.score$."




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