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How to parse JSON List


Hey I have the following query:



| makeresults | eval prediction_str_body="[{'stringOutput':'Alpha','doubleOutput':0.52},{'stringOutput':'Beta','doubleOutput':0.48}]"



But no matter what I do, I can't seem to extract each element of the list and turn it into it's own event.

I'd ideally like a table afterwards of the sum of each value:

Alpha: 0.52
Beta: 0.48

For all rows.


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Ah wonderful, thanks so much!

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Pro tip: It is great that you are using makeresults to post simulation.  But do not mangle JSON.

The command you are looking for is mvexpand.


| makeresults | eval prediction_str_body="[{\"stringOutput\":\"Alpha\",\"doubleOutput\":0.52},{\"stringOutput\":\"Beta\",\"doubleOutput\":0.48}]"
| spath input=prediction_str_body path={}
| mvexpand {}
| spath input={}


Your sample gives


Hope this helps.

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