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How to make my custom dashboard the default screen when users log into Splunk

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I've created a custom dashboard view in Splunk and it works great.

Currently, every time I navigate from Splunk Launcher screen to Splunk Search app, it brings up the Summary screen by default.

However, I would like it to bring up MY new custom dashboard view by default (instead of the Summary View) for everyone that logs into Splunk.

Is that possible and how can I make Splunk do that?

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Splunk Employee

Go into your Splunk app (i.e. Search GUI)

Go to Manager >> User interface >> Navigation menus

Click on the link that says "default" to edit the Navigation menu XML code:

Look for this line within the XML near the top of the edit window:


< view name="dashboard" default='true' \ >


Assuming you new Splunk View name is 'mycustomdash', change the Navigation menu XML to something like this:


< view name="dashboard" default='false' \ >
< view name="mycustomview" default='true' \ >


Save this and then go back into your app and test to see that your new custom dashboard (View) shows up by default, which it should if you made the change above correctly. If not, keep trying, it will work.

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I downvoted this post because no longer works, link is broken and manger is not off the main menu.

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You can modify the $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/search/default/data/ui/nav/default.xml and change the following line:

 <view name="dashboard" default='true' />

Change the view name to what your view is..




Is the default value valid for all users who have access to the dashboard?
I ask because I need to know how can I set different default (landing) dashboards for specific user?

Thanks for suggestions,

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