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How to make column headers multi-lined


I wish to have a chart where column headers are broken into three lines and row ones into two

base search|
|eval sepa= Department.".".Name.".".Code
|eval sepa2=slice.",".slice_Name  

|chart   values(Number) over sepa2  by sepa

The table currently looks like this:
spacer x.hr.b3 | y.it.h8

1.name1 2 | 3

2.name2 5 | 1

I'd like this:
x | y
hr | it
b3 | h8

1 | 2 | 3
name1 |
2 | 5 | 1
name2 |

The split will work to sort out the row headers (sepa2)

Is there a way to do similar to the column headers that won't create multiple columns?

e.g. makemv / expandmv creates the following.
x |hr | b3 | y | it | h8
\r\n does not appear to work

Many thanks for your time.

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