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How to join two log files with matching strings?

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Hi ,
I have a log file with series of DFS path. Another csv file with an array of strings (which I refer to as Qtree). I would like to do a string search for each value of the field Qtree. This is what I have tried:

index=qt | eval search_id=Qtree | join search_id type=inner [search source=C:\Users\risingh\Desktop\qtree\dfsback.txt $search_id$ | fields _raw ]

This shows no results found.
Can someone please help me with this string array search and joining the two results? I have been trying for a really long to make a way out, but couldn't .... need to get this sorted!

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take a look at this: http://answers.splunk.com/answers/129424/how-to-compare-fields-over-multiple-sourcetypes-without-joi... to get an idea how to get this done a different way .... because join should be a last resort .... not the first option to use

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Try this
index=qt source=csvfile.csv |rename Qtree as search_id |join search_id type=inner [search source=C:\Users\risingh\Desktop\qtree\dfsback.txt $search_id$ | fields _raw ] ” or”index=qt source=csvfile.csv |join Qtree type=inner [search source=C:\Users\risingh\Desktop\qtree\dfsback.txt $ Qtree $ | fields _raw ]

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Try this,

search source=C:\Users\risingh\Desktop\qtree\dfsback.txt | [index=qt  | stats count by Qtree | table Qtree | rename Qtree as search | format ]

Sub search will gives you the list of Qtree's from 'qt'.
Overall search will gives you the _raw data from the sourcefile which are matching Qtree from qt index.

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Appreciate the response!
But I have already tired those.
Any other work around if anyone could direct me to ?

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