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How to join data and extract field values as field names?

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How to change event field values into field name?

Event log sample1:
id, code, message
1, 1111, "one"
3, 12345, "three"

Event log sample2:
id, keyname, keyvalue
1, name , john
1, place, richmond
1, activity, login
1, environment, mobile
2, name , bob
2, lastname, bill
3, name, charle
3, location, newyork
3, activity, transaction
4 name, Danny
4 lastname, Huber
5, name, eugene

Both event have common field called "id". I will join both data searches using join command.
e.g: index=abc code=111 | join id [search index=blah ]

But my requirement is, for the above search when the code is 111, i need get the table in following format
id, code, message, name, place, activity, environment
1 , 1111, "one", john, richmond, login, mobile

Please note that, the values of keyname and keyvalue are become field-name and its values respectively. Please let me know how to do this?

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Try this

index=abc code=1111 | join id [search index=blah | xyseries id keyname keyvalue]


index=abc code=1111 | join id [search index=blah | chart first(keyvalue) over id by keyname]
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Try this

 index=abc  code=1111 | join id[search index=blah | chart first(keyvalue) by id keyname]
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In your question, you said you need it for code 1111. Take out the condition code=1111 and execute the search.

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Thanks for ur response.

The above searching is putting keyname parameter values as column variables (this 100% fine). But the value from keyvalue is displayed only for one column variable ( created from keyname) per id.

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