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How to improve django template search performance

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Created a django app to display some transaction history detail in a tabular format.
But when the template is accessed from the UI it takes almost 20-25 minutes for displaying search query result. Need help in improving performance of the search query and Django template.

Here is saved search code for reference.

alert.digest_mode = True
alert.suppress = 0
alert.track = 0
cron_schedule = 1 * * * * *
enableSched = 1
search = index=transaction_history |
spath input=Item |
rename HistoryItem.a:TransactionDetails.a:StoreId AS StoreNumber, HistoryItem.a:TotalAmount AS Amount |
fields StoreNumber,Amount |
lookup store_location StoreNumber as StoreNumber OUTPUT PostalCode |
table PostalCode StoreNumber Amount|
stats Sum(Amount) as Total1 count(StoreNumber) as TransactionCount by PostalCode StoreNumber|
fields PostalCode,StoreNumber,TransactionCount, Total1|
stats count(StoreNumber) as StoreCount sum(Total1) as TotalAmount by PostalCode|
fields PostalCode,StoreCount,TotalAmount|
sort TotalAmount desc

Anyone who can guide me on this ?


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Are you sure it's the django causing the delays on the page ?

Can you try running your search in a non-django environment ?

Or maybe split the search into many small parts and start adding them up until you get to the part that makes it all slow down at least that way you would isolate your problem and eventually figure out whats causing all that delay.

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First you should check the job inspector for one of those searches to verify if it's the search job being slow or the django-based page rendering slowly.

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Great. Any other issues left?

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thanks martin, your advice to optimize search using search inspector did help us to improve performance of our web page in Django

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