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How to highlight table cell based on two jobs runtime?


Hi Team,

I have multiple jobs runs daily . Showing the status of these jobs in table. Now, I want to highlight the cell depend on the jobs run time.
 For example there is three jobs .. Job Name A1 A2 A3 
and data for 3 days is like
date                    jobName              StartTime                                       Status
22-02-2022      A1                            22-02-2022 01:00:00         Success
22-02-2022      A2                            22-02-2022 04:00:00           Success
22-02-2022      A3                             22-02-2022  02:00:00          Success
23-02-2022      A1                            23-02-2022 00:50:00            Success
23-02-2022      A2                            23-03-2022 00:10:00           Success
23-02-2022      A3                             23-03-2033  03:00:00         Failed
24-02-2022      A1                            24-03-2022 00:20:00          Success
24-02-2022      A2                            24-03-2022 01:00:00          Success
24-02-2022      A3                             24-03-2033  00:00:00        Success

Now , I want  

  1. Job dependencies 01: If A2 runs before A1 then it should be highlighted with a different color., suppose red
  2. Job dependencies 02: If A3 runs before A1 then it should be highlighted with a different color., Yellow

    And at last table will look like

    Date A1 A2 A3
    22-02-2022 Success Success Success
    23-02-2022 Success Success Failed
    24-02-2022 Success Success Success

    Please help me to achieve this without using JS.
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