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How to hide the default 'Search & Reporting' app in Splunk 6?


Our team is using Splunk 6. We noticed that when we hide the 'search & Reporting' app for particular roles, it is giving an error for the user while logging in.

Error: Splunk cannot find the "flashtimeline" view. 

When we hide this app, which places should we make sure it is changed? Or, is it a default app in the new version which can't be hidden?

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I have the same issue. I solved this problem when I copied the code from the "dashboard" view inside the "Search & Reporting" app and I created a new view with that code inside the app where the Rol/User will land.

This is the code inside "dashboard" view:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<view template="pages/app.html" type="html" isDashboard="False">

I hope this will be usefull.


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We have multiple user roles and we create seperate app based on their needs. So we want to hide this default app for these users as they will have access to other apps which is specially created for them.

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Like @emiller42 said, if you hide or disable the search app you will end up having default UI components unavailable. One approach for you could be: clone the search app and modify it to your needs and then hide the default search app.

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You can control what app the user lands on up on login by configuring user-prefs.conf


default_namespace = <app_name>
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Well, it appears to be working, technically. But by hiding the Search app, you're making a bunch of default UI components unavailable to users. (Such at 'flashtimeline')

Can you explain what you're trying to accomplish? There may be a better way to approach it.

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