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How to hide a column in a table if every value in that column is null?


How can I hide/not display a column in a table if every value in that column is null? Sometimes the column will have values. Splunk does a weird table width vs. Length of column values so I'm trying to save space and decrease horizontal scrolling if I can.

Stats count by foo, boo, bar

Foo, boo, bar

Only want to see

Foo, boo

if bar is always null


Try appending this at the end of your search:

...your search | streamstats count as serial | stats values(*) as * by serial  | fields - serial

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Appending the transpose command two times will help you out.

I am referring to this answer in a similar thread:

Simply add:

| transpose 0
| transpose 0 header_field=column 
| fields - column


Some further notes:
- Why it works: When transposing a table, Splunk automatically removes every resulting empty row (= previously empty column).
- The 0option makes sure that every row and every column gets transposed.
- The only downside: The transpose command is pretty time-consuming. Use it carefully.
- For further info in Splunk Doku: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/7.0.2/SearchReference/Transpose

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try this

base query....|fields - bar

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Thank you for the reply, but that's not quite what I'm asking. I know you can explicitly exclude fields in a search's output via the fields command.

What I'm looking for is conditionally not showing a field if all the field's values are null, otherwise show the field

index=myindex xyz=abc | if (values(whatever_field) = null) then (table foo_field, bar_field) ELSE (table foo_field, bar_field, whatever_field))

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