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How to group values using wildcard

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index=**** Name=GOKI|stats count by SK SO
This is the result that I get now.

SK                    SO         COUNT
d.e.f                 B3           2
a.b.c.1             A1            4
a.b.c.2             A2            6
a.b.c.3            A1             8

Expected Result:

d.e.f                 B3           2
a.b.c.*              A1          12
a.b.c.*              A2           6

How do I get the expected result?

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Like this:

index=**** Name=GOKI
| rex field=SK mode=sed "s/^(\d\.\d\.\d\.)/\1.*/"
| stats count by SK SO
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Thanks, that works fine! but how do I Add this "OR" function --> so counting AB* OR BA* as one count

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Make your SK values be what you want them to be before summing up. Depending on the actual rules for wildcarding it might look something like this: index=**** Name=GOKI | eval SK = replace(SK, "^(\w+\.\w+\.\w+\.).+", "\1.*") |stats count by SK SO

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