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How to graph a field with a string of multiple comma separated values?

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My database consists of many different source files, each associated with a different test, and each has different field values to represent different variables in the test (temperature, size, date, ect.) along with two fields that are a long test string of comma separated values (e.g. vpp 2,4,3,2,5.3,2.4...). What I would like to do is search for one or more of the variables, identify the source, and then plot the values represented by the comma separated values string. Is there a way to do this within splunk or do I have to use an external perl or python script?

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Hi npestana88,
to be able to use the multivalue separated by comma, you have to first expand the field.

to expand a field like vpp for exemple:

.......|makemv delim="," vpp |mvexpand vpp |table vpp

Now that your field is expand, you can plot them as you desire

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