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How to get the json results of my custom script in Splunk?

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i created a custom python api script and it works fine and i want to import in splunk

so i put my script. "C:\\Program Files\\Splunk\\etc\\apps\\search\\bin\\sample.py"

I run cmd and the result is getting correctly

in splunk i created data inputs -> scripts -> select my scripts -> select source type _json -> app context App Browser -> selected index

but i am not getting any json results in splunk search index

Is there any configuration needed?

when i check input.config it is already correctly the file details, so why splunk index doesn't show any json data?

disabled = false 
host = home 
index = jsearch 
interval = 60.0 
sourcetype = _json   
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@rockzers - Try updating the stanza name to:



I hope this helps!!!

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i used windows so that stanza is there 

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@rockzers - Okay.

Do you see the input when you open Splunk Web UI and Go to "Settings > Inputs"?

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