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How to get indexed fields filtered by the fields command?

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When indexing data, I extract some selected fields. Thus, these fields are not part of 'EXTRACT-fields' line in props.conf, as it is suggested by documentation. Fields are indexed fine and I can search using the fields names. However, what does not work is extracting some of these fields from the search using the | fields command, like:

index=.. <search criteria> | fields gh

I do see these fields in Splunk Web, and for example | table gh works with the fields, but not the | fields which produces no results.
Puzzled. Is there a special syntax to refer to indexed fields in the fields filter?


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If things are exactly as you say then there is a bug and you should open a case on this. In the meantime, try this as a work around:

... | table * _* | fields gh

When I have seen this bug before (v4.?) I could pass through table first to make it work.

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