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How to get added count for the fields from previous count over a period of time?


I am having a issue tracker for tracking all opened issues and the query for the same is below:

search issue_status=open| timechart span=1d count(issue_id) by issue_category | addtotals 

I need to see addtotals as count of total open issues for the current day and with the sum from previous days ie. each day it should show total count of all open issues so far (today's + sum till yesterday's).
Could you please help me?

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issue_status=open earliest=-1d@d
| eval date=if(_time < relative_time(now(),"@d"),"yeasterday","today")
| stats count(issue_id) as id by date issue_category
| xyseries issue_category date id

and add your calculation.

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