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How to get active VPN Sessions Cisco ASA Logs with Datamodel?


Hello together,

I probe to get the active session count from our asa logs per minute.
I created a datamodel (CASA) which contains the username and also the session_duration field if the session is closed.
A session can only timeout after 15 minutes, if no packet arrives by the vpn gateway.
Also, a session can be active over years, so the correlation from session start and logout events are not possible.

Actually i had this:

| tstats 
estdc(ASA.Username) as UsrC
count(ASA.session_duration) as LogC
from datamodel=CASA where (nodename = ASA.VPN)
groupby _time, host
prestats=false span=15m | eval "Active Sessions"=UsrC - LogC

time  | host     | UsrC | LogC | Active Sessions
23:00 | vpnhost1 | 103  | 15   | 88
23:15 | vpnhost1 | 99   | 15   | 84
23:30 | vpnhost1 | 85   | 11   | 74
23:45 | vpnhost1 | 82   | 11   | 71

I think the solution would be that every minute he count and dedup the field ASA.Username for the last 15 minutes.
But actually, I have no idea to solve this.

Did anyone have a solution to my problem or need additional information to help?

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