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How to genterate list of data by giving max and min limit?


I need genterate list of data by giving max and min range.
But I can't find a command (function) doing that.

I will set max = 50 and min = 10 for following example.

I think there's two way to do it by giving different argument.
Set max = 50 ,  min = 10,  output amount(length) of data = 7.
Then I will recevice the output like:
[10,   16.66,   23.32,   29.98,   36.64,   43.3,   50]
In this case, I won't need set an interval.
I only need give how many outcome I want to receive.

Set max = 50 ,  min = 10,  interval = 8.1.
Then I will recevice the output like:
[10,   18.1,   26.2,   34.3,   42.4,   50.5]
The last(max data) can received 50 or 50.5, all works for me.
In this case, I won't need set how many data I want to receive.
I only need give the interval.

Both way is aim to receive a list of data.
Personally, I prefer No.1 solution, it is closer my need.

By the way, I hope the output data can be a list or mutivalue.

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| eval min=10,max=50,count=7
| eval list=mvrange(0,count)
| eval list=mvmap(list,round(min+(list*(max-min)/(count-1)),2))
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Hi @DS904458,


Depending on how you want to use the list of numbers, you may be able to use a macro.

E.g. this search:

index=_internal sourcetype=splunkd
| eval list= `generate_list(50,10,7)`
| makemv list delim=" "
| table _time, sourcetype, list

Returns a list of 7 numbers from 10 to 50 :


The macro definition is:

args = max,min,length
definition = [|makeresults count=$length$\
| streamstats count as id\
|eval value=if(id=1,$min$, round($min$ + (id-1) * (($max$ - $min$) / ($length$ - 1)),1))\
| stats list(value) as value\
| nomv value\
| eval value="\"" . value . "\""\
| return $value]
errormsg = Please only enter numbers for: Max, Min, Length.
iseval = 0
validation = tonumber(max) >0 AND tonumber(min) >-1  AND tonumber(length) >0



It could also be used as the search for a dropdown on a dashboard, e.g.:

| makeresults
| eval list=`generate_list(50,10,7)`
| makemv list delim=" "
| mvexpand list
| table list

Does that help?



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