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How to generate an accumulating total bucketed by day per user?



Im trying to accumulate and analyze a persons risk score every day, once per day, and only fire when the total score for a given user esceeds a pre-determined threshold for that amount of time has been exceeded.

for example, if I have a threshold chart for:
1 day
1 week
2 weeks
3 weeks
1 month
2 months 
3 months 

I want a running total of the all the persons generated risk, but I only want to review it when the accumulated total exceeds the threshold for the given period of time

|bin _time span=1d
|table _time,user,base_score

   | timechart useother=f span=1d sum(base_score) as total_score by user
didnt produce the results I was expecting because it was only giving me the totals for that day, but not the accumulated total.

the accum command doesn't seem to take a by clause.  

kind of striking out on how to properly approach this.  would love some suggestions?



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index="_internal" AND "metrics" AND "kb"
| rename kb AS base_score
| rename host AS user
| reverse
| bin _time span=1d
| streamstats sum(base_score) AS accumulated_score BY user
| timechart useother=f span=1d first(accumulated_score) AS accumulated_score BY user

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