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How to generate a search that displays column totals per day for each email address?


How do I get daily totals (column) for a list of e-mail addresses (column) for registration failures?

E-mail Address     Day1    Day2   Day3   Day4   Day5   Day6   Day7   Total-Failures-for-individual
Address1           2       4                                         6
Address2           1       5                                         6
Address3           3              3                    4             10
Total Daily        6       9      3      0      0      4      0                   


Is there a way to have this without the values in the columns above the totals?
alt,Awesome! Is there a way to remove the values in the columns and just have the totals?

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Try this

base search | eval day=round(relative_time(now(), "@d")-relative_time(,_time, "@d"), 0)/86400 | eval day="Day ".day | chart count over email_id by day | addtotals | addcoltotals labelfield=email_id label="Total Daily"