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How to extract timestamp (year, month, date) from a filename?

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I have a file name that contains such timestamp:
year(16) month(11) date(28)

how do i tell Splunk to use that date for indexing?

I have looked at many answers online including blogs, none of them worked. Maybe my regex is wrong?


....(default datetime setting in between) .....

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this post says the user created a splunk support case and the answer was - extracting a full timestamp from a filename is not currently supported in Splunk. There was lot of discussion on this post, please check it.

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right, I understand it can not use the time and i only care about the date.

this was my regex in my_datetime.xml, please let me know if i did anything wrong


and i also changed the location of my_datetime.xml file path from local to default


am i missing anything?

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