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How to extract the application name from the log file path or process in a search?

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My goal is to create an application list running from all servers in the form of table.

index=unix* host=* sourcetype=ps  user="*" user=* NOT user=root

This way I am getting all the processes owned by nonroot users. I am trying to identify application name (web,app and db) apache(with /app/apache/"application name", jboss application name (/app/jboss/servers/"app name" and db name (pmon).

To all experts, is there any way to extract application/db name (web/app/db) using single search so that it can be presented as a table?

Table format:

Hostname Webname Applicationname DBname

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Please provide some small piece of logger to create exact regex

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try this:

   index=myindex | eval [rest /services/search/jobs splunk_server=local | addinfo | where sid = info_sid | rename eai:acl.app as my_app_name | return my_app_name]
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Try this:

... | rex field=_source "/(?:(?:app/apache)|(?:app/jboss/servers)/(?<app>[^\]*)
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