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Hi team,

I have got a csv files indexed into splunk with names SOURCE= C:\Netwrokanalysis\germany.csv ,c:\networkanalysis\singapore.csv i want to extract country name form this SOURCE field that is germany,singapore

Thanks ,

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Also assigning different sourcetype per county csv file is other option and you can handle it better for your future search queries.

In your input.conf file;

disabled = false
sourcetype = Germany

disabled = false
sourcetype = Singapore

Create Sourcetypes

Hope it helps



This is probably the best solution.

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I didn't test it but it should work if the length of the first part of the SOURCE string is always the same.
You can also apply a rex command after applying the split command, but it will do the same than the command proposed by sc0tt

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I'm sure there is a more elegant solution, but would something like | eval country = mvindex(split(substr(source,18),"."),0) work?

Edit: This should work as well

rex field=source "c:networkanalysis(?<country>\S+).csv"
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