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How to extract fields with empty values at index time?

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In our logs, we have the below two lines where we need to extract both empty & values for Dms_Code. Currently we are getting only values, but not empty, due to this other values are not getting populated in the UI.

Regex :


[2014-07-16T22:38:17.251+08:00] [apj_corp1_osb_dit_admin] [NOTIFICATION] [] [oracle.security.audit.logger]

[2014-07-16T22:37:47.379+08:00] [apj_corp1_osb_dit_admin] [WARNING] [DMS-50966] [oracle.dms.collector]
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Try this

EXTRACT-Server_Name = \[(?<TimeDate>[^\]]+)\]\s\[(?P<Server_Name>[^\]]+)\]\s\[(?P<severity>[^\]]+)\]\s\[(\w+-)*(?P<Dms_Code>\d*)]\s\[(?<Incident>[^\]]+)\]


I think it is because in your regex you have used w+ for Dms_Code, it is not getting empty values. Modify your regex to accept empty values also.

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