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How to extract field values in a search and format in a table?

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Hi I am new to splunk I wanted to extract data from logs that have a particular string with a value and only return data the logs format I have searched in below format

   ID: 2999
   Payload: {"Audit":{"__queryElapsedTime":"267","__requestReceived":"2014.09.04 06:01:04.560
   Address: sdfjkjsdljsjdjjkljsd";k;lklsdk

I wanted to search ID , Payload , Address and list in table format

 ID            Address                 Payload
2999     sdjsdjj;'lkdfj;ksfdk        {"Audit":{"queryElapsedTime":"267","requestReceivePlease 

help me I am stuck with prod issue.

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If the above is what your events look like you should be able to do the field extraction with an regular expression. Your search would then look something like:

...| rex "ID:\s+(?<ID>\d+)\s+Payload:\s+(?<Payload>.*)\s+Address:\s+(?<Address>.*)$" | table ID Payload Address



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Hey Tom thanks for the answer but data is not populated in Table giving blank result

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