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How to extract XML out of a native log structure?



I'm looking for a solution to extract xml out of standard logs on order to perform some xpath.
I cannot use rex as I do need to extract values having same tag names in different subtrees.

index="index" sourcetype="sourcetype" xml_2=* | xpath field=test1 "//Metadata/" | table test1 

is showing no result.

How to make Splunk extract xml out of native log structure?


You should use field and outfield for xpath as given below.

<Your Base Search>
| xpath field=xml_2 outfield=test1 "//Metadata"
| table test1, xml2

Alternatively you can also try the spath command

<Your Base Search>
| spath input=xml_2 path="Metadata" output=test1
| table test1

For reference

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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For xpath to work, the field test1 should have the xml portion, does it? Also, would be much simpler to provide suggestions if you could share some sample events.

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